Friday, April 24, 2015

around these parts

I am pretty much smitten with Instagram and it is a place where I am able to document, show and share a more personal look into our life (without words). You can follow me HERE for a peek into our daily happenings.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

a reminder from the sea

Living at the ocean you get used to mother nature at her finest. From raging storms, beautiful sunsets, finding treasure and witnessing the cycle of life- you learn that the ocean is powerful, ever changing and full of mystery. A couple of weeks ago we woke up to the beaches covered with thousands of Vellela vellela- a type of jellyfish (often referred to as by-the-wind- sailors). These small animals float on top of the surface of the open ocean and ride the currents and wind searching for food. They use their triangular shaped sails to travel but are at the mercy of  wind and can wash ashore by the thousands when there is a big storm or heavy westerly winds.

I spent the day around the area photographing the Vellela vellela- something about this phenomenon was so inspiring, somber but inspiring. The shades of blue, the shapes, the pattern and sheer number covering the sand was truly a sight to behold and something I was compelled to capture. By the afternoon, as the tide came in, most of jellies were gone. Leave it to the ocean to remind me (again and again) how miraculous, sad and beautiful life can be all at once. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a peek inside my sketchbook

P.S. I've got this sketchbook design and a whole of of new art added to my Society6 Shop! Head on over to shop for pillows, rugs, totes, prints and more with my designs. And from now until April 26th shipping (world wide) is free.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

a family collaboration

We've been at it again- collaborating as a family on a GIANT painting! This one measures 4 feet by 8 feet, it is made from luan mounted onto a frame. Luan is a 1/4 inch thick wood that is  really lightweight and the perfect material for a painting this size. 

We've been working on this project for a couple weeks. Once it's done, it will be hanging in Maiden Astoria, a local gallery that I shared in my last post. As usual, we brought the video camera out to the garage and let it records hours of our work. It's really chaotic, super messy, sometimes challenging but always lots of fun. We have a few more days before it's completely finished but thought it would be fun to share a peek our process!

a collaboration from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.  Click on the HD logo to play in high definition
music: Stars and the Moon by The Dimes from Marmoset Music

You can view all of our family collaborations HERE

Friday, April 17, 2015

chasing a dream- opening a gallery

There are so many thing that inspire me: a colorful sunset, a trip to the museum, a great book, learning a new technique - but one of my biggest inspirations comes from hearing other people's stories. Stories of chasing after dreams, trying something new and pursuing a passion project are the things that really get my heart racing! I've got some new content coming to the blog in coming months, and something I am really excited about is a new series where I will be sharing the stories of creative entrepreneurs chasing after their dreams. 

I am kicking this series off by sharing my friends Staci and Sara's passion project, a gallery for makers in Astoria, Oregon called Maiden Astoria. These days it's really easy to start an online business but opening a brick and mortar business is an entirely different (often challenging) experience! When Sara told me they were opening a gallery, I jumped at the chance to follow them throughout the process. I thought it would be really interesting for my readers to get an inside look at the process from start to finish. Today I am sharing the beginning of their journey.

A little background:

Sara Knighton relocated to Astoria from Hawaii a couple of years ago. When she is not working at local hot spot, Blue Scorcher Cafe, she is juggling a screen printing business, weaving on her loom, selling her wares at the Astoria Sunday Market and playing in the ocean. She is one of those people who thrives on making things and loves learning, experimenting and getting lost in the creative process. 

Staci Daniels in originally from Grants Pass Oregon and at eighteen moved to LA to attend Otis College of Art and Design. She spent 20 years in Los Angeles working in fashion where she owned her own company. After wanting a change in her life, Staci picked up and moved to Oregon and ended up falling in love with Astoria where she now lives.

The two met in a weaving class at Astoria Fiber Arts AcademyThey forged a friendship based in a mutual love for art and craft. With passion for handmade products, the two decided to open up a gallery for local makers - a unique venue to showcase the work of local artisans called, “Maiden Astoria.”

Tell us a little about the location of Maiden Astoria:

SARA: Maiden Astoria is located in the Young's Building. It is located on 14th street across from Street 14 Coffee and next to Gimre’s Shoes. It was built in the early 1900's and is one of the few buildings to survive a massive fire in 1922. The building is a beautiful historical space with great bones and tons of potential. For the last year, I have rented a studio space upstairs and when the retail space below my studio opened up, Staci and I started dreaming big and thinking about possibilities. After a lot of thought and brainstorming, we decided to take the plunge and move forward with our idea to open a makers gallery.

What is the space like and what renovations have you have made so far?

STACI: The space has lots of potential! We have about 700 square feet to work with. The front portion of our space will be the gallery and the back area will serve as our studios. The ability to have studio space on site was a really big bonus for us. 

The first thing we had to tackle was getting everything cleaned up and then we got busy painting. Things were really dark and dated when we first moved in so we decided to paint everything white to brighten and lighten things up. The floors and walls all got a couple coats of white paint and one wall is painted with a light grey chalkboard paint. Since we are on a budget, we have to get really creative with how we make updates. Paint was one of the ways that we have been able to cut costs but still make a really dynamic transformation. 

SARA: Other than painting, we have been spending a lot of time gathering furniture and display items. Again, we are on a budget so it has been really important for us to be creative about the things that we use. We are both big believers in recycling and using what we have, so we’ve been pulling furniture from our homes and shopping at thrift stores before buying something new. We are even using the old radiators from the space (they were going to be thrown out) and turning them into the base of our counter.

What is the next step in the process?

STACI: After we get the painting and updates finished, we’ll be moving in the display and then hanging art and filling the space with handmade products. Amidst all the cleaning, painting and renovating, we have both been working around the clock reaching out to local artists and crafters for work.

Can you share any lesson learned at this stage?

STACI: Getting creative within our budget has really helped us cut costs at this stage. While it would be easy to say yes to all kinds of expensive updates, we’ve been really frugal with all the decisions we have made.

SARA: Test paint before diving in! We made the mistake of painting with a color that we thought was white but it was actually cream. We painted the walls before realizing it was not the bright white that we wanted and had to start all over.

STACI: Since we are working as a team, we've found that it's really helpful to take on tasks that play to our strong points. Sara is free-spirited in her approach while I tend to be more detail oriented. We've found that things work better when we each take things that play to our strengths.

Thanks ladies for letting us peek into your project! I look forward to watching this space change and develop.


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